Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Linen

There is no need to wash our linen before use.

Most linen has a sizing applied by the manufacturer, to give it stiffness. Some stitchers don’t like this and wash the linen before use to make it softer. With hand-dyed linens this sizing is removed by the first wash in the dying process.

We use industry standard fixative to fix our dyes, but the answer will always be “as colourfast and as lightfast as we can make them.”

The reason for this is that we dye in small batches, using a variety of techniques to achieve the look that we want. No two pieces of our linen are the same. This means that sometimes, we use different dying techniques and dyes from different manufacturers on the same length of linen to create the look that we want.

Whilst we use industry standard fixatives, there is always the possibility that there could be some slight bleed, ruining the effect of your fabric.

We put a “Do Not Wash” instruction on our linen and washing is undertaken at your own risk.

This is one that is always up for debate! From a hand-dyed linen perspective we would say an emphatic “NO”, for all the reasons given in the above questions.

There is also the additional threat of bleed from any threads that you have used. Some colours, such as red are notorious for this.

Unless there has been some accident with your finished piece that necessitates washing then our advice is leave well alone.

Please refer to the page on Linen Sizes

FAQ - Samplers

Each PDF chart comes with a download limit of 5 downloads. Sometimes, glitches in technology result in that download limit being exceeded, without actually giving you file. This typically happens when trying to download to mobile devices.

Just contact us, as detailed above, with a copy of your purchase receipt or your order number. We can either increase your download limit, or if it is a reoccurring problem, email the file to you.

Not a problem, having this will just make it quicker for us to trace your order, but we can still trace your order through our system using your name and email address.

It would help if you could give an idea of roughly when you ordered, especially if it was some time ago.

The first place to check is your SPAM or JUNK folder. If you find it there, then please mark us as one of your safe senders, for future orders.

If your order isn’t there then please read the next question.

This is technology once again, which only seems to happen with PayPal payments.

The system will only send your download link when it recognises that payment has been completed. Sometimes, there can be a “hiccup” with the connection to PayPal, especially at times of high traffic. As no money is taken from PayPal, your order isn’t recognised as completed.

Just contact us, as detailed above, with details of what you would like to purchase and we will raise a manual PayPal invoice. On receipt of payment, we will mark your order as complete. You should then receive your download link, if you have purchased a PDF, but we will also email the file to you as an attachment.

This again, is to do with the connection to PayPal.

The best thing to do is to email your order to us and we will raise a manual PayPal invoice.

All our charts are copyrighted documents, and as such, you are allowed to make one working copy, which must be destroyed once finished.

More information is available under our Terms and Conditions

The PDF document that you have purchased is for your personal use only. It comes with a limit of 5 downloads. This is to allow for the fact, that technology doesn’t always work as we would like and sometimes downloads go wrong.

It DOES NOT allow you to copy off 5 copies and give them to your friends. This is a breach of copyright and could be punishable under international law.

More information is available under our Terms and Conditions.

Yes, sorry about that, it was a problem with the first print run. “EB. The Shepherdess” is missing her last page. It has been corrected for all future print runs.

You can find the missing page under the “correction” tab on the “Four Little Girls” product page, or contact us on the email above and we will send the missing page to you as an attachment.

When we chart our samplers, we make every effort to be as accurate and as true to the original as possible. That means that sometimes what can look like a mistake, is actually how the original girl stitched her sampler.

However, we are only human, and mistakes do happen, so please email a photo of your query and we will check it out.

Feel free! This will be your sampler.

When we create the chart from the original, we try to be as accurate as possible with regards to the stitching, the colours that we select and the linen.

Some stitchers are “purists” and only want to stitch exactly as the chart, other stitchers are happy to play around with bits that they maybe don’t like so much. So if you find that the colour we have selected doesn’t work so well on your linen, please, feel free to change it up.

Again, go ahead! This is your piece. We want you to enjoy stitching it and then be happy with the finised result.