Sarah Constable – PDF Download


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Sarah’s band sampler is beautiful in its simplicity. The main feature is a striking red house typical of Georgian architecture with its straight lines and symmetrical aspect. It is flanked by two topiary motifs. These also help to
date the sampler as they are motifs that appear on another sampler in my collection, dated 1834.

The top band is a multi-coloured alphabet with a dividing in two-colour ribbon band. A berry band divides this from a lower letter alphabet stitched in striking red. Sarah was obviously worried about fitting this all into her space as although the alphabet is stitched over 2 she has only left one thread between the letters. Finding that she had space left she has filled this space with two motifs; a heart and a diamond. A beautiful strawberry band, a popular design that we see on samplers over and over again, sits above another multi-coloured stylised alphabet, which in turn sits above a flower band, reminiscent of bands found in samplers of the C17th and C18th.

Finally, we have our house, flanked with its topiary, dogs and owls. The band is completed with fleur-de-lys, and random motifs are dotted around to fill in the space.

This digital file contains and adaptation to make it suitable for those who wish to stitch on Aida fabric.